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Family Owned Since 1860
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Hagerty Industrial Supply is dedicated to assisting customers in reducing costs and increasing productivity through the effective use of high quality, value-added products and services. We are authorized distributors for many of the best brand name products available worldwide. These supply chain relationships bring billions of dollars of research, development, and technical support to our customers, regardless of size. From the mom and pop operation to the multinational corporation, our mission is to provide the resources necessary for our customers to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Hagerty Industrial Supply is a division of Hagerty Brothers Company. Founded in 1860, Hagerty Brothers Company remains locally owned and managed by fifth and sixth generation descendants of the original founder, Saul Hagerty. We remain as committed to our customers as he was, 154 years ago.

Customer service is more than a promise. It is our history and our legacy.

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Supplier Logos
Hagerty Brothers Company ...Family Owned Since 1860

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